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It’s already 113 degrees farenheit in Phoenix, Arizona, and summer is gearing up to be hot, hot, hot! So why not put together some hot summer marketing promotions for your business?

1.  Give away free water with your logo on it!

2.  Invite folks in for a free water or soft drink!

3.  Have a lemonade stand!

4.  Set up some water slides in your parking lot, local park, or neighborhood!

5.  Have a water balloon fight!

6.  Pool party!

7.  Give away squirt bottles and squirt guns!

8.  Hold a car wash for charity!

9.  Donate water to a charity that helps homeless people!

10.  Donate ice to a charity!

11.  Set up an ice-cream delivery cart, take ice-cream treats to your favorite clients!

12.  Have a ice-cream social for your clients and friends!

13.  Rootbeer floats!

14.  Make homemade ice cream, create a new flavor and have a contest for a creative name!

15.  Have a friendly competition with other business owners or even your competitors.  See who can give away the most water, or have a water fight, etc!

16.  Fill in the blank______________________________________________________________________!  Your ideas here!

Everyone who enters your comments here before July 11th will be entered to win their own ice-cream party, valued at $100!!